Nicki Minaj Ft Ariana Grande - BED MP3 Download

Clearly, Nicki will be attempting to appeal to a wider audience with Queen, which may very well shape up to be her most definitive effort thus far. It bodes well that her most obvious "pop single" is far from the candy-coated grandiosity of "Super Bass," even with a feature from the recently lovesick Ariana Grande on deck. All things considered, "Bed" serves as intimate companion piece to "Rich Sex," and will no doubt appeal to a different set of ears.

  • nickiminaj-You know the love is real when u send ARIANA fkng GRANDE an UNRETOUCHED #Bed snippet & she gives you the green 💡to post it. Ugh!!!!! @grizzleearts thank you pooh bear!!! #Bedis out now!!!! #Queen PRE-ORDER is out NOW!!!! @arianagrande is out now!!!! Fukkkkkkkkkkk agdgbnkssgxeokjgdewsgk

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